What is the 100 Project?

A picture of a canon rebel

The 100 Project is an assignment for journalism students with GF Media. Students must come up with a way to add to their life involving the number 100. They could take 100 pictures, or work their way up to drinking 100 ounces of water. This project gave students the chance to change themselves for the better over the summer.

I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do for my project, and I put off the dilemma for a while. 100 was an awfully large number after all. While I am not going to complain about this project, I can admit that the thought of doing 100 of anything made me a bit anxious. I asked some of my fellow students what they were doing and heard about things like taking photos of flowers or listening to podcasts. Those all sounded like wonderful ideas, and they made me wonder why I couldn’t come up with my own.

A few weeks after receiving the project, I found my mom’s old camera in her room. It is an older model of a cannon rebel. My older sister, Zoe, had used it when she took the class Photography 1. I have always liked pictures, and have always envied my friends who are able to take wonderful pictures and make it look so easy. So I decided that for my project, I’m going to take and edit 100 photos that I am proud of. Although doing 100 of anything seems a little daunting, with a little help from my sister, and enough determination, I’m sure I can finish this project.


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