Halfway There!

I have taken about fifty pictures. I got to this landmark a lot quicker than I thought I would. Originally, I was nervous about starting this project because one-hundred seemed like such a large number. Now, I don’t think I want to stop at one-hundred!a 50th birthday cake

I’ve had so much fun taking pictures and building this website. I’m proud of the work I have done, and have been sharing it with anyone who will listen. Taking pictures has gotten me to go outside, not an easy feat. I’ve bonded with my sister, made new friends, and generally been more open to new things. Making this website has given me experience and lots of opportunities to help others with their websites and internet presence.

Favorite Photo

A wet flower  I chose this photo for a few reasons. It is one of my clearest pictures and barely needed any editing. I took this in my front yard while it was raining. I have always loved the rain. Rain washes things away, and afterward, everything feels new and rejuvenated. I usually sit in my garage and watch the rain. It’s a weird thing I’ve been doing for a while. It calms me down and reminds me that no matter what, we can all get a fresh start. Instead of just watching from my garage, that day I decided to go out and take some pictures. I wanted people to see the beauty that I see in a storm. I hope to get a picture of the mist that rises off of puddles after it rains in the future.


I have learned so much while doing this project, and I hope to learn even more in the next 50 pictures, and the next 50 after that. This website has given me the chance to give people a glimpse into my very ordinary life. I’m really happy with how this project is turning out.


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