I am young.

I am unpeeled plastic and fresh paper smell

My whole life is ahead of me.

You were just another step on a weathered path in a forest that I can’t see.

So it’s stupid for me to feel so …

You would warm me.

A beach.

My sadness comes in sobs like the waves.

I wished they would lead me to crash into you.

But they just pulled me out.

Still, you looked so warm.

Sand is silk smooth from far away.

You have to be close to see the grains,

Feel the chips digging in your flesh,

The dryness burning your feet.

I wonder if it’s better to feel pain than the cotton that grows in my heart.

We were broken.

Once top tier China.

I just picked it up because I was curious,

I just wanted to feel it.

Young hands reach out to grab but not to hold on.

I’ll walk away now and hope nobody saw me.

I wonder if, in all the chaos and shattered glass, you took a piece of me with you.

I’m lost in the valleys crumpled bed sheets in the dark.

Imagining you and all the things I should’ve said.

I’m left,


An old parking lot.

Thoughts of you, the lamplight.

Illuminating all my cracks and bumps.

Imperfections make my silk smooth make a little less pretty.

But still, you’re lighting up something.

Making my emptiness a bit easier to see.


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