11 Things That Make me Cry

  1. When E.T dies
  2. Hiding inside my house watching other Spielbergs with my little brother because the neighborhood boys throw stones at him.
  3. Watching helplessly as my sister tries hard to hide her thirst for friendship
  4. Having to lie to my mom about being fine, as to not further burden her with worries
  5. The quiet taps of piano on a rainy day
  6. How quickly my dry skin soaks up the tears I hide in my closet.
  7. How quiet my whispered worries sound compared to the earth shaking roar that is the rest of the world
  8. How my stomach churns after every word, every breath, every moment, out in this cold unknown place that is my heart
  9. After an animal is dead, taxidermists put mirrors behind the corpse’s lifeless eyes, in a pitiful attempt to bring it back to life
  10. I put the same mirrors behind my own eyes every morning.
  11. Looking up and smiling, pretending all the numbers leading up to this don’t exist.

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