If Only

I shouldn’t be awake right now

I shouldn’t be awake right now because of you.

Nothing happened

It’s stupid

I’m stupid

I was on top of the waterfall

Looking down off the edge

Seeing the current pulling

I wanted to be a part of that beautiful scene

I jumped in

But I guess I didn’t jump at the right time cause

I never landed.


Beach Walk

I was never supposed to be so alone

Maybe it was meant to be this way

One set of footprints house tiny pools of saltwater

They are easier washed away by the waves anyway

My feet don’t pick up any more

Long lines in wet sand

I’m scared

When someone walks beside me

I get pushed into the current

I can’t be two pairs of footprints again

It’s too much walking

Even now,

My feet ache.

Already Done!

Wow! I’m already at 100 photos. That’s about 1/40 a number of photos Kim Kardashian has posted on her Instagram! Looking at them now, it seems like a lot less than I originally anticipated. I love it because every single one of them means something to me. When I look at them, I know exactly where and when I took them. All of my pictures have a story to tell, seeing them makes me feel the way I felt in that moment. Happy, nervous, or hungry, at the end of it all, I’m proud of what I have done.  Continue reading “Already Done!”

Last Hurrah!

a band
“Tips for puppy chow!”

School was starting pretty soon when I took these photos. I went downtown with a friend as a final goodbye to the summer. She arrived a little late, and I arrived extremely early so I ended up walking Downtown by myself a bit and taking pictures of things around Asheville. The people where I live are very open-minded and kind, so I had a few people ask me to take pictures of them, and others posing for me. I’m a bit quieter around people I don’t know so it was a relief when I found out that most of the people downtown were pretty nice and didn’t mind getting their picture taken.

Continue reading “Last Hurrah!”

Cabin in the Smokies

So many possibilities!

I spent four days up in a cabin with some family friends last week. It was a lot of fun, except for one thing, I had forgotten my CF card converter. I have a card that holds around ten photos max. This is usually not a problem because I have my CF converter so I can load all of my photos onto my computer whenever my card is full. This meant I had to be very careful with the photos I took. But at least all the photos I bring home will be my best, and I won’t have to spend as much time editing! Continue reading “Cabin in the Smokies”

So Close!

I love taking photos. Seriously, it’s one of those things that never seems to get old. It’s pretty crazy seeing how close to one-hundred I am. Recently I went through a rough time. Nothing really bad happened, I just started feeling overwhelmingly anxious. Two weeks ago I had my first panic attack. You wanna know what caused it? I thought my eyebrows looked ugly. From there I spiraled into much darker topics. Continue reading “So Close!”