If Only

I shouldn’t be awake right now

I shouldn’t be awake right now because of you.

Nothing happened

It’s stupid

I’m stupid

I was on top of the waterfall

Looking down off the edge

Seeing the current pulling

I wanted to be a part of that beautiful scene

I jumped in

But I guess I didn’t jump at the right time cause

I never landed.


Already Done!

Wow! I’m already at 100 photos. That’s about 1/40 a number of photos Kim Kardashian has posted on her Instagram! Looking at them now, it seems like a lot less than I originally anticipated. I love it because every single one of them means something to me. When I look at them, I know exactly where and when I took them. All of my pictures have a story to tell, seeing them makes me feel the way I felt in that moment. Happy, nervous, or hungry, at the end of it all, I’m proud of what I have done.  Continue reading “Already Done!”

Last Hurrah!

a band
“Tips for puppy chow!”

School was starting pretty soon when I took these photos. I went downtown with a friend as a final goodbye to the summer. She arrived a little late, and I arrived extremely early so I ended up walking Downtown by myself a bit and taking pictures of things around Asheville. The people where I live are very open-minded and kind, so I had a few people ask me to take pictures of them, and others posing for me. I’m a bit quieter around people I don’t know so it was a relief when I found out that most of the people downtown were pretty nice and didn’t mind getting their picture taken.

Continue reading “Last Hurrah!”

Cabin in the Smokies

So many possibilities!

I spent four days up in a cabin with some family friends last week. It was a lot of fun, except for one thing, I had forgotten my CF card converter. I have a card that holds around ten photos max. This is usually not a problem because I have my CF converter so I can load all of my photos onto my computer whenever my card is full. This meant I had to be very careful with the photos I took. But at least all the photos I bring home will be my best, and I won’t have to spend as much time editing! Continue reading “Cabin in the Smokies”